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Help 24x7’s grants to community-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are at the heart of our efforts to accelerate social and economic change in India. Help 24x7 achieves maximum impact by taking a focused approach to the numerous challenges facing India.

We fund Child Help Organization in only five focus areas: Education Help, Food and Clothes Help, Blood And Eye Camp, Health and Medical Help, Vehicles for Handicapped. Apart from these we serves as Child Abuse India, Live Help Children, Child Education Help, Child Foundation India, Child Abuse Help, Help Foundation India, NGOS In TamilNadu, Non Governmental Organizations, Education For Poor In India, Blood Donation Camps, Free Medical Help, Medical Help India, Help A Child, Help A Child In India, Child Poverty In India, Child Education India, Help Orphans In India, Eye Donation Camps, Help The Children, Sponsor A Child.

Help 24x7

Running long-term charity programmes to provide - Medical Help Online

Free Medical Help and surgery for poor people.

Help 24x7 - Medical Help India runs Health help camps around Chennai and Rural areas in Tamil Nadu. Each week from 200 to 250 patients attending these camps.

Meeting health care challenges

Poverty is the root cause of poor health in rural semi-arid India. From poverty stems the health problems faced by the local population:

  • Lack of health education
  • Malnutrition
  • Poor hygiene
  • High rates of cervical cancer
  • Malaria
  • TB
  • Illegal practice of quacks and profit motivated unqualified doctors
  • Corruption in government immunisation programmes

How Help 24x7 Camps are tackling ill health

  • Health care and nutrition education through the clinics and the community
  • Strong focus on women’s health including visual inspection of the cervix to detect cervical cancer and treatment of common gynaecological problems
  • Continual training of staff and development of clinic facilities
  • Monitoring government immunisation programmes
  • Discouraging the use of quacks and unqualified doctors and lobbying local authorities to clamp down on their practice
  • Promoting the camps to a wide area.

Continuing Challenges

A key barrier to developing better health care though the Help 24x7 - Online Medical Help village clinics is financial. More resources would allow the clinics to employ more staff and provide better facilities.

The camp organizers, volunteer doctors and the Institute’s city-based personnel are striving to deliver better patient care to poor rural communities in many ways:

  • Improving diagnosis rates
  • Building a women’s health care centre
  • Conducting a wider variety of lab tests so that the clinics can diagnose and treat more patients locally
  • Developing health education including school visits and drama groups (especially in the fields of reproduction, HIV, hygiene, and nutrition)
  • Refining the model of the Help 24x7 village clinics to allow other NGOs to implement health care projects in rural areas with scarce medical resources.
  • Working with remote tribal communities in training health care workers.

All grants are targeted at improving the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people in India. Help 24x7 operates with a clear strategy for investing in Child Foundation India. Through our grants we seek to demonstrate successful methods that can be implemented on a much larger scale.


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